Maintenance tips

On this page we have gathered all the simple tips you should use to preserve the durability of your simulation cabinets.

The humidity generator does not work . (1)

Our tip :

If you do not use de-ionised pressure water, but only independant DI water tanks or bottles, you must place the DI tanks at least 1m over the humidification system. Otherwise you will not get the proper DI water feeding.

The humidifier does not work ( 2)

Our tip :

When you are using DI tanks or bottles, be sure to check that the feed-in pipe does not include air inside ( or bubbles ) . It might prevent the DI water to arrive correctly to the humificator.

This happens frequently when you just run out of DI water in your tank

The humidifier does not work ( 3 )

Our tip :


The climatic chamber need DI water to work well.

On some environmental cabinets, the equipment will stop working if the quality of your DI water goes over 20 microS.

The temperature is not homogenous in the whole cabinet

Our tip :

Be sure that the air circulate properly inside your cabinet.

Do not place any card box too close to the fan ( not closer that 5 cm ).

Allow a spacing of 2 cm between each box inside the cabinet.

And when it is possible , prefer perforated boxes to put your products inside the chamber.

The medicine card boxes are wet

This is due to condensation, which is due to a non homogeneous temperature inside the chamber.

Very often, you just have to allow a spacing of 2cm between the boxes, and to check that there is nothing in from of the fan.

The compressor goes into a high pressure alarm and default

Before calling a technician for repair, check first if your room temperature is not to high.

A room temperature over 25°C might be the reason why the compressor is working too much.

The glass doors do not close properly

Some brands of large environmental cabinets have heavy glass doors. These are very sensitive in case the floor of your laboratory is not absolutely flat. A 2 mm difference between one feet of your cabinets and the other, might be the reason why you have this problem.


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